About us

Who are we?

We are an ESports organisation based in Europe. Our goal is to compete at the top of the industry and to make a name that every ESports fan will remember. Our top priority is the player himself. We believe that a Player should only have to focus on playing and improving instead of worrying for everything else outside of the game. Our top priority is trying to give our players a professional environment in which they can develop their skill and their character.

Our Story

uMx Gaming was born in 2014 as a semi-professional Call of Duty team. They have been at the top of the local scene in Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3. In the middle of 2016 the team split up and went on to explore new routes.
In late 2017 we started our first official team as an organisation. Since our founder played a lot of PUBG back then and was quite involved in the scene, it did not take long to build a competitive roster. Loppez was an ex-CS:GO-semi-pro who transferred his abilities to PUBG. He was on the first roster that officially played for us and is still the captain of our successful PUBG team. It took a lot of time and effort to build the strong performing squad that we now have.
From that point forward we wanted to expand and started looking for more teams to play for us.
Now we already have a strong, talented and dedicated CS:GO squad and are on a good way building our Dota 2 team.

Our Future

The next steps will be to first make the environment for the players more professional and second to grow as an organisation.